Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nobody asked me, but.... (Olympic edition)

Nobody asked me, but…is a tribute to the great New York sportswriter, Jimmy Cannon. When he had no topic to write about, he'd write one of these. About everything but sports.

Nobody asked me, but....BMW's TV commercials are so bad, they make me want to sell my BMW.

...Speaking of commercials, United Airline's Olympic commercial might be the worst of a very bad lot.

...I don't know how you can be from Switzerland and play beach volleyball.

....Even if you do look exceptional in spandex.

....Virtually all sportscasters talk too much.

....And say too little.

....America's female gymnasts are amazing, but I could live without the glitter eye-shadow.

...I can't imagine Mickey Mantle wearing glitter eye-shadow.

...Athletes not wearing corporate logos should get a head-start.

....Corporate logos have just about ruined everything,

....This has nothing to do with the Olympics, 
but I dislike Chris Christie almost as much as I dislike Donald Trump.

...I am looking forward to the start of the track and field competition.

....But not the television closeups of women runners manicures.

....I wish Donald Trump was the designated shot-put catcher.

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