Thursday, August 4, 2016

It can happen here.

There's a disturbing video on "The New York Times" site that I think everyone should watch. More, we should think about what's happening. Here.

Eighty years ago, Sinclair Lewis wrote a satirical novel "It Can't Happen Here." But maybe it can. Maybe it will.

I've read, for about the past 45 years, virtually every book I could find about the rise of Hitlerism in Germany. The seeds are here, and they're being cultivated. 

And unlike Germany 75 years ago, here everybody is armed. And everybody is glued to a screen. So they're even easier to manipulate.

I think it's time that we in the advertising industry spoke to our clients. It's time for companies to come out, to take a stand, to speak about the clear and present danger that Donald Trump embodies. 

They cannot hide behind, "we don't get involved in politics." This is not politics. It is evil. Hate. Violence.

We cannot sit by and hope it goes away.

It won't die.

Unless we kill it.

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