Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"Remember those great Volkswagen ads?" The Movie.

About 60 years ago, DDB and Volkswagen showed the world how to do advertising.

They created, without question, the greatest advertising ever created. The greatest copy ever written.

(We have forgotten, I'm sad to say, almost everything DDB taught us. We are back to bombast, complication and decoration. But I digress.)

Some years ago, my friend, John O'Driscoll, published with Alfredo Marcantonio and David Abbott, a book every lover of advertising should own...and maybe memorize:
Remember those great Volkswagen ads?

On Monday, John sent me a link to an 18-minute documentary with the same title. It features Helmut Krone, the original art-director, Julian Koenig, the original writer, a little too much George Lois and several British advertising luminaries, including Dave Trott, Sir John Hegarty, Sir Alan Parker, and both John and Alfredo.

Do you have 18 minutes? You can see the entire movie here. 

It's not an over-promise to say you will be a better creative for having watched.

And maybe, even, a better human. 

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