Thursday, August 9, 2018

733 taglines.

Just yesterday, I stumbled upon an article by Praveen Vaidyanathan that compiled an exhaustive list of 700 agency taglines and philosophies. You can find the article here.

I scanned the list and was immediately struck by the banality of about 640 out of the 700 lines. I guess, charitably, around ten-percent were worth their salt.

In any event, those 700 lines (and 700 agencies) got me thinking. Maybe there are agencies who need a little tagline help. 

To that end and for a small fee, of course, I've written a few taglines that are yours for the asking:
  • Creating a culture of creative cultures. 
  • Connecting eyeballs. And eyebrows.
  • The agents of agency agency.
  • The frenetic agency for a frenetic world.
  • Interrupting interruption.
  • Work that works by working.
  • The agency for whatever age we say this age is.
  • Passionate about brands. And passionfruit.
  • Bravely inspiring bravery.
  • Imagine imagination.
  • Building brand-love in a loveless world.
  • If you like it, we really like it.
  • We're a day ahead of tomorrow. Today.
  • Data-inspired, aspired and perspired.
  • So Konneckted™ we spell connected differently.
  • Making data human and humans data.
  • Complicating communications with an eye on simplicity.
  • The people agency.
  • The people people.
  • The people people agency.
  • The people people agency agency.
  • Famously famous for famousosity™.
  • Focused on focus.
  • Winning awards for having won awards.
  • Storytellers telling brand stories with data.
  • We're not storytellers. We're story-scapers©.
  • Building brands through Storytechture.™
  • Moving brands by moving people.
  • We make movements.
  • The movement agency.
  • Story. Tellers.
  • The millennial is the message.
  • Purpose-built. Purpose-driven. Porpoise-free.


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