Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Nobody Asked Me But (there are no heroes edition.)

Nobody Asked Me But….is my occasional tribute to the stellar New York sportswriter, Jimmy Cannon. When Cannon had a column to write and no idea what to write about, he’d create one of these. I’m, modestly, stealing that page from his Hymn-book.

Nobody asked me but....What are all those User Experience people doing? Most of the websites I go to—especially agency websites—don’t work properly.

…I could give you specifics, but that would only get me in trouble.

…If you live in New York, or love New York, you owe it to yourself to read Robert Caro’s “The Power Broker.”

…Yes, it will take you at least three-months. But it’s worth it.

…Even if you don’t love New York, you should read it for the writing.

….I think Shakespeare’s line from “The Tempest,” “Hell is empty and all the Devils are here” sums up the swamp Trump claims he’s draining.

…Speaking of Trump, he makes me long for the integrity of such American heroes as Spiro T. Agnew.

…I’m not so sure John McCain is the hero people are saying he is. Has everyone forgotten the Keating Five?

…That is, the Savings and Loan scandal that cost the American taxpayer more than World War II.

….Sorry to rain on the hagiography, but enough already.

…He gave us Sarah Palin, after all.

…I think people should follow the guidance of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Before you’re enshrined or deified you ought to be retired for five years.

...Like they say, 'a different perspective is worth 100 points of IQ.'

…Besides, I’ve always believed something I read from the great writer Mark Harris, “the only hero is the man without heroes.”

…After all, there’s a difference between being a hero and doing something heroic.

…That’s an important distinction that most people miss.

…According to a publication called Leading National Advertisers, Comcast spent $5.6 billion (billion with a b) on advertising in 2016.

…Can you imagine spending $5.6 billion promoting yourself and still being universally reviled?

…These lists are harder to write than they look.


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