Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I run a purpose-driven brand, goddammit.

As CMO of Spoon ‘n’ Swoon, America’s largest maker of ready-2-eat tapioca pudding, I quickly came to realize that we do more than satisfy America’s burgeoning tapioca sweet-tooth. At Spoon ‘n’ Swoon our team truly comprehends our Mission. That is, to improve every STO (spoon-time occasion).

I have a Vision at Spoon ‘n’ Swoon. I want to elevate the PEO (pudding-eating opportunities) of all our Guests. I want to be an integral part of every tapioca journey, and bring those journeys to life for both new and existing Guests.

Further, through 360-integrated communications and a robust multi-pronged social strategy that will integrate Spoon ‘n’ Swoon into both the life and the lifestyles of our Guests, I am confident that we are going to transform the entire Tapioca category, all while inspiring people to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Tapioca category is poised for a time of dynamic growth and positive change.  Our commitment extends to our South American colleagues who harvest our non-GMO, organically-curated cassava and our dedicated workers who turn that cassava into the finest mass-market Tapioca in the world.

We are committed and inspired to help bring our workers and Guests a healthier, happier world that is energized by the infectious enthusiasm of Tapioca-lovers everywhere.

The love of Tapioca has to be about more than just pudding. To be a vital part of Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z and Gen Asterisk, we will go beyond the customary and turn tapioca into a verb. Right now,   for instance, in the Tapioca-producing regions of the world we are erecting Tapioca Treehouses--building Tapiocaing places for the children of our Tapioca-workers to learn and play--to excite all our Guests and turn them into "Tapiovocates."

When a company leverages their business for social good, they are rewarded with more motivated teams and improved performance. What’s more, purpose offers excellent opportunities for collaborative partnerships and engaging storytelling. The secret to doing so is stakeholder buy-in and that’s best achieved by ensuring everyone knows how their work in Tapioca contributes to a higher purpose and creating the opportunity for them to experience the fulfillment from doing so.



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