Thursday, August 23, 2018

I’m an entrepreneur, goddammit.

I’m an entrepreneur, goddammit.

I am disrupting disruption and interrupting interruption.

I am re-engineering, rethinking, re-reing the old modalities.

While you were still sleeping, I was turning tired business models upside-down. Then right-side-up again.

I found my paradigms and then shifted them.

Once they were shifted, I shifted them again.

No paradigm left unshifted, that’s my motto.

While you were not working, I was networking.

I’m an entrepreneur, goddammit.

I lean so far in, I'm practically leaning out.

I'm blogging, vlogging, and hogging the spotlight.

Making connections, advancing the ball and creating new products before my target is even aware of my old products.

I am agile, facile, every ile but fragile.

Because I’m an entrepreneur, goddammit.

I'm an influencer who influences influencers.

Even if I'm down with influenza.

I’m not just inventing. I’m inventing new ways to reinvent inventing.

I’m creating, recreating and procreating.

I make content that can be sound-bited, syndicated, repurposed, digitized and idolized.

I am purpose-driven, transparent and engagement-focused.

My reality is virtual, and augmented, and segmented.

I have conversations about brands. 

I put the consumer in charge.

I'm a global ambassador for global ambassadoring.

Lead, follow or get out of the way.

I’m an entrepreneur, goddammit.


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