Monday, August 19, 2019

BYND copy.

We have meat without meat. We’ve gone beyond meat. We have its taste and texture. And we don’t need pigs or cows or sheep.

I wonder we’ve done the same with copy. We have words that look like copy. Words made up of vowels and constanants and ascenders and descenders. We have nouns and verbs and adjectives.

We have all the circuitry of copy. But now, for the first time ever! It’s 100% genuine artificial.

That is, it has no soul. It has no meaning. It has no point of view.

It has no voice. It has no attitude. It has no edge.

It doesn’t ask anything of the viewer. It doesn’t provoke. It doesn’t comfort.

We've gone…Beyond Copy.

It offends no one. It’s survived 37 rounds of internal feedback and 73 rounds of client feedback. And 3773 round of legal feedback. It’s guaranteed to make no one think. And no one act. Best yet, it’s approved!

Drive it like you hate it.
Choose the Volvo that suits your lifestyle.
The ultimate driving machine.
A remarkable evolution.
We try harder.
Find your best car rental with Avis.
Club Med
The antidote to civilization
WOW Sale Up to 45% off!
Beyond Copy.

Beyond Copy.

Beyond Copy.

Beyond Copy.

With a presidential race in full, premature blossom, with Hong Kong under siege by a repressive government, with our country under siege by a lying and repressive government, writing (and speaking) without meaning is in full-flower.

We have a six-time bankrupt running the world’s largest economy. We have climate deniers running the EPA.

Beyond copy is beyond truth.

It’s 100% fake.

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