Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Of Cabbages and Kings. (And Content.)

I think if I hear one more time that content is King, I might leave the world once and for all and finally join a monastery in Outer-Inner Fuckmeistan.

Content is a catchall term that essentially means anything that can be written, spoken, photographed, recorded or filmed.

A meaning that is so broad it’s meaningless.

You might as well say “the letter S is king.” Since 99% of all content contains the letter S.

S has no intrinsic value just because it is a vital letter. Content has no intrinsic value just because it’s blasted out willy-nilly.

(Yes. I’m speaking to you, Gary Blatherchuk. No one cares about your meaningless Hallmark homilies. And btw, buy a razor. You look like a bum.)

I’ll tell you what is King, though.

Good is King.

Something that moves people is King.

Something that interests people is King.

Something that informs people is King.

Something that changes a mind or begins to form an emotional connection is King.

Something that makes you laugh, or snort Pepsi through your nose is King.

Memorable. Useful. Touching. King.

Banal is banal.

Cheap is cheap.

There’s nothing regal about them.

An onslaught of non-stop, low-quality crap is no more King than Donald Trump is Presidential.

For as long as humans have been sentient, let’s say (and I’m not anthropologist) since the Lascaux cave paintings from 17,000 years ago, content has been about adding something—some creativity, some point of view, some purpose to what you are creating.

   This is a pile of rocks.                                                This is more than a pile of rocks.

Just as you can’t call a random pile of rocks a building, you really can’t say that 99% of content rises to that standard. Rises to become something worthwhile.

I don’t know where this notion came from that brands need to be “always on,” and “always transmitting” crap.

Everyone I know is completely time-starved. I'd like brands to leave me the fuck alone.

Why do I need your empty shit? Most people hardly even have time to take a shit.

I happen to think some very cagey person developed this notion that content is King as a full-employment-plan for imbeciles.

And it appears to be working.

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