Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A bit more on holding companies.

One of the things advertising agency holding companies do with the companies they hold is merge them. Since, as my previous post noted, the people running the holding companies don't participate in the creation of advertising, they often make merger decisions based on criteria that have little to do with advertising, like location, size, account roster, or even personalities.

The result of such advertising shotgun marriages is similar to the result of most real-life shot gun marriages. Misery.

Anyway, I just came across this cover from The Economist and it made me think of Ally & Gargano merged with MCA, D'Arcy merged with Benton & Bowles, Ammirati merged with Lintas, Anderson & Lembke merged with McCann, Geers Gross merged with McCann. Oh, you get the point.


Teenie said...

So--we're going to get three-eyed, six-legged, mouth-breathing agencies? Maybe they'll be infertile, to boot.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there will be some banjo soundtracks at the Cannes next year.

Jake P. said...

Will they have one hump or two?