Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My mouse is giving me trouble.

The computer I use is nearly three-years-old. It's a powerhouse and I like it, but the touchpad isn't as responsive as it once was. As a consequence, I have to click on things more frequently than I'd like and I get a lot of "false clicks," which send me places I don't really want to go.

Just now, by accident, I clicked on an ad for something called "The 80th Street Residency," a home for cognitively impaired seniors, ie old people with Alzheimer's Disease. Since the 80th Street Residency is in my neighborhood, and at least from the outside it looks like a nice place, I was curious to learn more about it. So I clicked on a heading that said "Amenities."

What I found were three bullet points that in addition to describing state-of-the-art arrangements for the elderly could also, with minor alterations, describe working arrangements for people in advertising:

• Each floor is a unique homelike "Neighborhood" made up of 8-10 Residents with similar cognitive abilities

• Surroundings designed to encourage Residents' participation in activities in a relaxed & comfortable setting

• Family Style Dining & Living Room on each floor

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visionpoints said...


If you've got similar cognitive abilities there, you're one up on the rest of the corporate world.




P.S. The newest Macs are pretty sweet...