Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I learned two things today.

In the agency at which I am freelancing, I am temporarily sitting amid a sea of winsome account women. OK, a veritable sea.

All day long amid that clack clack clack of their keyboards I catch snippets of their conversations. Therein lies thing number one that I've learned today.

Most of their conversations go something like this:

1. An account person finds out that a banner ad will be late going live.
2. It's not the agency's fault, Lenore at the client was late with feedback.
3. Lenore is cursed.
4. The AE says, "I'm not going to let this blow up in my face."
5. The AS tells her to write an email to Lenore to cover her ass.
6. The AE reads the email to the AS and the AS says "perfect."

That's basically the long and the short of it.

The second thing I learned happened on a call I had with a headhunter.

HH: So you were at [AGENCY] with [MANAGING DIRECTOR].
GEO: No comment.
HH: That's exactly right. Sometimes silence is the best way say how you feel.


jeaves said...

In the movies the headhunters were always on the other side of the island banging on their drums. One by one the shipwreck survivors disappeared into the jungle never to be heard from again.

Is it much different in real life Geo?

Yours truly,
A curious bystander

geo said...

two people survive. One with a chiseled jaw and a leggy woman in high heels even though she keeps tripping in the forest as she flees from the savages.

I'm hoping to be like that woman.

Teenie said...

The CD at the last agency told me to do everything in writing to cover our asses.

So it was ass-covering first, creating second.