Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This is easy for me to say.

I don't watch mindless television. Dancing with paraplegic stars. America's talentless cliche-ridden idol. And whatnot. I also don't care for sports, so it is no hardship for me to not see a steroid-inflicted baseball or football game. But not everyone is as tele-misanthropic as I.

That said, I am a patriot and believe in rational discourse about political events, without hysteria, name-calling, and spurious allegations.

Fox, however presents its opposition with radical, anti-American fervor. The president addressing school children as socialist brainwashing. The "birther" movement. Death panels. Obama likened to Nazis.

So, I am calling you, dear readers to take action. Boycott Rupert Murdoch properties. Don't watch Fox TV. Don't buy the NY Post. Encourage your clients to stay away from the same.

It's easy to decry the neo-fascists on Fox, then do nothing.
But if we do something, we hit back where it hurts.


Tore Claesson said...

I'm in, and out goes Murdoch.

Teenie said...

I'm always curious: Do all those anti-health-care pundits think Canada is some terrible socialist hellhole?

Cause lemme tell you, my grand baby-growing-and-delivering total is somewhere around $500--and that's because I chose private ultrasounds to skip the wait. The cost without health care would have put us in the hole.

Susan Ellis said...

The view from here (Canada) as we listen to the debate is that America has been invaded by aliens from the twilight zone! It's pretty simple here - health care is a right, not a priviledge. Period.

Maxwell said...

I try not to watch Fox but I keep flicking on to it like I would a horror film. I watch it between gaps in my fingers waiting for monsters like Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck to jump out and scare me...

Michael said...

You're right, it was easy for you to say. And rather ironic that it comes right below all your paeans to independent thinking. What could be easier than rote Fox-bashing. What could be more conformist.

geo said...

Michael, you're right and I am too. My point was rather than bash Fox, which everyone does, don't watch--which has some cost if you're a Giants fan.

The non-conformity comes from doing, not just talking.

Like Thoreau not paying his taxes in protest to the Mexican War. He went to jail.

We can't not pay taxes now. They are taken from us and we can't go to jail, we will be mercilessly sodomized. (Though we will receive health care.) We can however do small things that go beyond talk.