Friday, September 4, 2009

Change we can't believe in.

David Brooks that reliably conservative op-ed columnist at The New York Times is urging Obama in his column today to get much more aggressive vis a vis the 18% of our economy that goes to health care spending. Brooks asks "...did Barack Obama really get elected so he could pass the Status Quo Sanctification and Extension Act?" Read Brooks' column here:

This post however isn't about health care. It's about the last seven words I quoted above. To wit: the Status Quo Sanctification and Extension Act.

What we've created in our industry and in America at large is impervious infrastructure. An infrastructure that protects jobs and people. We have pre-ordained boxes and we put people into those boxes even if they don't fit. You there with the Sharpie, you fit in a "print art director" box. You have to work in a different division with different creative direction from the woman over there who's an "online art director."

There are only a few companies left who agree with silos in principle. But most in practice still work this way. They'll claim to be making incremental changes. To be taking two steps forward and one back. And so on.

But what they are really on the advertising equivalent of the Bataan Death March. When they arrive at their destination, there won't be much left but skin and bones.

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