Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Working in mid-town again.

I spent years--most of the 90s, working in mid-town and now I am back. There used to be a little Jewish deli on 45th and 2nd where you could get a bowl of kasha varniskas with gravy for $4. For those of you who don't know, kasha varnishkas are buckwheat groats, onions and bowtie noodles. And delicious.

In any event, the little joint that sold them is gone now. A fast-food place is there in its stead. It prompted me to write this:

Lunchtime Haiku

Kasha varinshkas.
Fitting them into haiku
Nearly impossible.

BTW, here is a recipe from the Times.


jeaves said...

Writing Haiku.
I would rather be eating
kasha varinshkas in bed.

Kelly said...

kasha varinshkas
barley is an irish twist
never liked the groats

geo said...

Kelly, where have you been?

Hope your summer has been great. At JWT now.


visionpoints said...

Hurray for George! The poor dears don't know what they're in for. (Or perhaps they do...)

Been here, lurking. How nice to be missed!
Fear not, I still adore you. Stay wise.


Until later,