Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To everyone who's ever said words don't matter.

Jeff Scher is a film-maker who a few times a year creates wonderful shorts that he uploads to The New York Times. Here is a link to his latest--an ode to the passing of summer. http://scher.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/08/31/summer-retreat/

In his description of the movie, Scher wrote: "Summer always feels endless until it suddenly ends. For kids, there is no greater tragedy than summer’s end. September is the Monday of months. "

September is the Monday of months. Wow.


Teenie said...


And of course words matter. People who say they don't are simply too lazy to string them so wonderfully together.

Anonymous said...

What I've noticed is that words are very important to Internet advertising. It seems its only print art directors who don't care about words, and look what happened to print advertising.

Unknown said...

and october, november, december, january, february, march, april, aside form one sunny week, and parts of june are also mondays.