Monday, February 11, 2008

Clinton pulls a CMO.

Scary Spice, aka Hillary Clinton, did her best CMO imitation today. She attempted to fix the problems in her unlikeable product by firing the political equivalent of her advertising agency, her campaign manager.

Clinton is PC faced with Obama's Mac. One is slow, dumb and beige. The other is sleek, nimble and hopeful. Firing her manager, like firing an agency, won't change much. But since pre-historic times, plutocrats have tried to soothe their worries by sacrificing the little guy. Think Abraham and Isaac.

It usually doesn't work. Or it works for a while. But rot is rot. Dell won't come back guided by Project DaVinci--unless they can be convinced to change how they do business. Sprint will soon fire Goodby (my prediction) but that won't help them either. GM will do its usual agency shuffle. But if your product sucks, it sucks. Cosmetics can't change that.

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BrandMilitia said...

Well said! Billary's response reminds me of the guy who bought the $3000 custom suit. He went to a bar looking for some companionship. After going home alone, he fired his tailor!