Saturday, February 2, 2008

Advertisements for myself.

Some weeks ago I got a new job--a very new job. Nothing like I had ever had in advertising before. My first assignment was for American Express. They wanted to make their card synonymous with fashion, using Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to do so.

Were I at an advertising agency, I would have created a commercial communicating this. At an interactive agency, I would have created a website. At a direct agency, I would have created some letters and maybe a guide to fashion.

But as I said, I had just started at a different kind of agency, one that was truly media-agnostic. I blurted out, what if we created an American Express Network that broadcast the entirety fashion week? Six weeks later after the usual internal and external sturm und drang, The American Express Fashion Network launched. The network brings viewers exclusive access to all of fashion week, including live views of over 70 runway shows. All branded with the American Express logo. We're webcasting 96 hours in all, all branded.

This isn't a 30-second spot shot for approximately $1500/frame (that's a spot for just under $1.5 million.) My guess is it does more for American Express than a :30 ever could. Check it out on the lame-o website "Dummitas" designed:

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