Friday, February 1, 2008

A protest test.

Fox, the Fascist network owned by Rubert Murdoch.
Fox, the war propagtors.
Fox, the death deniers.
Fox, the global-warming scoffers.
Fox, the smearers, the libellers, the Lohan is more important than Sudan.
Fox, the "We opine, you recline" network.
Fox, I could go on and on.
Fox has sold $260 million of advertising on Stupor Bowl XLII.
Boycott the game.
Listen on radio.
If you can't stand not to watch it, skip a half, or a quarter.
Put the heat on Fox by not supporting their advertisers.
Don't support fascist-smearalism.
It's not much of a protest.
It's not Thoreau's Civil Disobedience.
It's not going to jail.
It's not costing you money. (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.)
But if we all did it, and all told our friends,
maybe a statement could eventually be made.
"What did you do during the war?" your children will ask.
"I shopped," you'll reply.

And now, a word from Primo Levi,Auschwitz Survivor.

A Warning

You who live safe
In your warm houses,
You who find, returning in the evening,
Hot food and friendly faces:
Consider if this is a man
Who works in the mud
Who does not know peace
Who fights for a scrap of bread
Who dies because of a yes or a no.
Consider if this is a woman,
Without hair and without name
With no more strength to remember,
Her eyes empty and her womb cold
Like a frog in winter.
Meditate that this came about:
I commend these words to you.
Carve them in your hearts
At home, in the street,
Going to bed, rising;
Repeat them to your children,
Or may your house fall apart,
May illness impede you,
May your children turn their faces from you.

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