Monday, February 4, 2008

That's a "1" with twelve zeroes after it.

The new federal budget proposed by the Bush junta has $515.4 billion for defense, the highest inflation-adjusted total since WWII. It also includes an additional $89.4 billion for "the global war on terror," (a perpetual war for perpetual peace) as well as $70 billion supplemental emergency funding for the war that was supposed to pay for itself, as well as $3.7 billion for "border security," $44.8 billion for "veterans affairs" (wooo hooo) and $37.6 billion for "homeland security." Then there's an additional $60+ billion other "homeland security" expenditure. That's $823 billion of "discretionary" expenditure on defense. When you include debt service to our deficit, defense expenditures total well over $1 trillion--or $166 for every man, woman, child and towel-headed terrorist in the world, or just over $3,300 for every resident of the good ol' US of A.

These are not the spending patterns of a freedom-loving country. They are the spending patterns of imperialistic invaders bent on raping, looting and pillaging.

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