Monday, February 18, 2008

Kosovo's new flag.

Kosovo, which declared independence Saturday, is in the process of selecting a newly designed flag. Out of 993 entries, the Assembly of Kosovo has selected three designs-- all the designs must reflect the multi-ethnic composition of the state. I've posted my favorite here. Mainly because the spiral in the center is sort of trippy and mitigates somewhat the limbic colors favored by both the Nazis and Verizon.

Kosovo's flag design got me thinking about a few of Ad Aged's recurring themes. The decline of design, the decline of America and the tyranny of focus group consensus. In other words I started to wonder what would happen if for some reason we had to redesign the American flag today. First off we'd argue if the flag should be made of asbestos so as to be inflammable. Of course that would also make it a carcinogen. Then we would argue about having our new flag emblazoned with an image of God. We would also, I believe have heated debates over having fetuses on our "ensign." After all, our one nation under God protects the rights of the unborn, even the unconceived. There would be other miscellany as well, a white married couple, so as to proclaim the sanctity of inter-gendered nuptials, a hand-gun, and perhaps a Wal-Mart logo. If someone out there is a designer, I'd love to see your thoughts.


newfriendjill said...

u r funny.

Tina said...

if we had to redesign the american flag today we'd be in trouble. nothing happens anymore without anyone who has a cell phone providing their idiot vote.

a homemade spaghetti sauce is probably more creative than what comes out of agencies and design firms for the single reason that too many cooks spoil the soup, everybody is creative.

also, to be able to design a flag we would really need a motto. what does the united states represent - who are we? another problem. unless you like flags with skulls and crossbones

Laura said...

We'd have to put the design out there to some superdelegates to determine the vote after it went through focus group homogenizing. My guess would be that white would win with a little blue and red to make concessions to the pro-white voters.