Friday, July 15, 2011

The killer app.

Agencies from traditional to non-traditional are all trumpeting their up-to-dateness. They're built for the digital age. They understand the synchronization of media. The power of social. And so on.

In fact, agencies are getting stupider and stupider because they're looking at the wrong measure of what it takes to succeed today.

But first a true story, that happens to me about four times a year, if not more. I order something from Amazon. Two days later I get an email that tells me they're crediting my account 17-cents because the price of the items I bought decreased after I bought it.

Amazon is successful not because of interface design, creative, strategy or digital acumen. They're successful because they service the shit out of their customers, when and where it matters. You feel like they care.

Agencies do just the opposite.

They shortsightedly charge for every hour, regardless of the size of the retainer. There are no freebees, no experiments on the agency's dime that could help the client. We treat our clients as if we're postal employees. We keep them waiting. We're rude. We never go the extra mile.

The killer app isn't fucking Angry Birds, a mobile app, Web 9.7.

The killer app is caring.


Anonymous said...

yes but with all the billions Zynga is making, I'd be happy with Angry Birds.

Sean Peake said...

Well said, George. I, too, have received a handful of credits from Amazon. The company's top drawer in my mind.

Dave Gassman said...

And in turn, clients rightfully treat us like vendors.