Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A malady.

One thing I've noticed over the last couple decades in the business is that some people--in fact, some entire organizations, aren't wired the same way I am. When I have an idea or make a suggestion, these entities immediately say no. They don't even hear or consider what it is I've proposed.

Then after 48 or 72 hours or even a full week later, through some set of circumstances, the idea is played back to me--most often as if that idea was someone else's thought to begin with.

These people aren't evil, dumb or anything else.

They're just slow listeners.

It takes them a long time to hear.


peggy said...

well, i would find another meaning for this scenario. its less comforting. but would probably involve phrases like 'mindless', 'egotist' and 'backstabber'.

george tannenbaum said...

Oh, yes, Peggy. I hadn't thought of that...

peggy said...

that can only mean youre blessed with nice, but slowly listening people. or im way more cynical than you ;)