Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughts from Comrade Lenin.

I happened upon a quotation the other day by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin that made me think of advertising and design. So much design influence now, so much of what we see online is clean and stark and spare. So much, to my content-hungry mind, appears free of depth and heft because it is so clean and stark and spare. So much looks the same because so few (especially those hungry for the glory of spurious award recognition) want to swim against the prevailing tide.

Now, to the quote. "Quantity has a quality of its own."

There are, in our business, products and services that have a lot to say, products that are involved and complex. Visually, a thousand words of copy says that you have something to say. It says, in many ways, you are experienced, expert, that you have a story to tell.

The shibboleth within agencies today is, as it has always been, that no one reads copy.

I think that's wrong.

You read this.

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