Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The loneliness of the long-copy writer.

I am old-fashioned.

I believe, and will never waver, in the power of words.

I think one of the reasons the web has been so ineffectual as an advertising vehicle is because design--not ideas--has made the rules.

There's nothing, for some products or services anyway, like a well-reasoned argument as an ad.

Amid the cacophony of the modern open plan advertising agency, amid the noise of your neighbors, the constant popping up of windows, beeps of instant messages, and chimes of meetings about to commence, copy--arguments for your brand--need to be written.

You need to pull down your spiritual blinds, shut out the noise and write.

Last night I wrote until 2 in the morning.

The TV was off.

My wireless was severed.

And I wrote.

Even if you're not a writer, even if you're an account person or an art director, even if you're not in advertising at all--you should try it.

Think as pure as glacial ice about what is important.

Then convince non-believers why.

Don't worry about style.

Or length.

Or big words.

Forget about being euphonious.

Or alliterative.

Or anything but simple and clear.

Face, as Hemingway said, "the white bull that is paper."

Even if that paper is a screen.

Just think. And write.

There's nothing like it.


rebrivved said...

At the end of February I started writing 1 story/chapter a day, Monday-Friday. So far I've written 32 stories and I've never been happier.

E.Davis said...


Anonymous said...

God, this post was long.

Nicklaus Deyring said...

It's nice to get a reminder. Cheerleading is the best kind of buttress to determination. It's the positive and spiritual uppercut against the wicked slip into defeat we all face, whether we're writing or designing or selling or editing or spreadsheeting. Keep up the good fight, all. Just the simple act of doing so makes you a better human being.