Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A new world order.

I took the bus home last night and about two stops in, a young lady sat next to me, and surprisingly, put down her iPhone long-enough to have a conversation.

“I see you’re reading ‘Ad Week,’” she began. “Are you in the business.”

I responded as I usually do when someone asks. I grunted.

“I am too,” she parried. “I head of HR at _____________.”

“That’s a big job. How are things over there?”

“Things are great!” She fairly gushed. “Account people and creatives get along. Doing timesheets isn’t an issue. Everyone is fully billable.”

“That doesn’t sound like any agency I’ve ever heard of,” I said. “What’s your secret?”

She was galloping ahead as the bus rolled slowly east.

“We’ve equipped everyone of our employees with a body camera,” she said. “Every conversation, every interaction is fully monitored.

“If an account person tells a writer some copy is due on Tuesday, it’s all on the videotape. We have full accounting of what everyone is doing every minute, so there’s no need for anyone to do a timesheet.”

“What about privacy?” I countered, “Or if you just need to be alone to think.”

“We’ve found an agency works smoother without those impediments. Remember, our first accountability is to our shareholders. Full body cameras keep them fully informed.”

The bus has taken a left and was now aiming slowly uptown.

“It sounds horrific,” I said as I got up for my stop.

“Be careful what you say,” she reminded me. “I have this all on film.”

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