Monday, April 20, 2015

Five minutes with our new Global CCX (Chief Creative Executive) of International Content Syndication and Procurement.

Q.        What do you think about agency models and new challenges to profitability?

A.        We’re looking to make the brands we work with become part of popular culture so we breakdown the barriers of content and reach consumers as they’re leaning in.

Q.        How can agencies be more vested in the success of their clients?

A.        Diversity and inclusion are at the core of what we do, how we think and how we act. We have made an effort around the globe to widen the scope of our scopes while retaining our focus on what’s really important, such as the widening of scopes.

Q.        Cannes is coming up as are so many other award shows, how do things look this year?

A.        Across our network we are thinking out of the envelope and pushing the box to reach new horizons and plow new highways. We’re, at the heart, an innovation company that brings important marketing ideas to the market. No longer are we a marketing company that markets ideas that marketers market.

Q.        Any final thoughts?

A.        In the end, it’s a question of content. Content is king but so are the channels that put the king, so to speak, on its throne. We have to find new modalities of parameters or the fragmented media landscape will become fractured and metastatic.

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