Thursday, April 23, 2015

Five minutes with.

Over the past week, my esteemed position at the helm of this august blog--one of "Business Insider's" "most influential," has allowed me intimate access to some luminaries in our business. The success of these short interviews has, in short order, led to more interviews. As they used to say in the movies, my Christmas tree is lighting up like a switchboard.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I'll be speaking, briefly, with more of our profession's movers and shakers.

Later today, if all goes well, I'll post: "5 minutes with a CGO--Chief Guru Officer."

Going into next week, I have a few more interviews slated. I'm particularly looking forward to my "5 minutes with the Director of Human Homogeneity" who works in corporate over at the Omnipublicom Group.

Following that, look for the following:

5 minutes with the "Chief Foreign Accent Officer".

5 minutes with the "Chief Cliche Officer".

5 minutes with the "Chief Denial Officer".

5 minutes with the "Chief Deck Officer".

5 minutes with the "Chief Buzzword Officer".

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