Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I don't understand.

At least once a day, or it seems that way anyway, some sort of video is posted on Agency Spy that is so remarkably vomitous that its repugnance almost defies description.

The one I saw on Tuesday was for Schick and it was a song and dance trying to bludgeon young women into shaving their legs. I won't link to it or post it here. It's too awful.

(I once heard a CCO critique some work this way: "It's not fun and it's not funny. It's unny.")

This spot--or video or content or crap--was the apotheosis of unniness. So devoid of good it beggars beggars.

I don't wonder how such a thing got conceived, approved, sold and produced. I know how shit happens. Good people sometimes do bad ads.

What bothers me is why in god's name would any agency publicize their involvement in such a filmic abortus. Is the agency's management--creative or otherwise--so completely devoid of self-awareness that they think they've produced something good and newsworthy?

That's even worse than producing the shit in the first place.

Promoting it.

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