Wednesday, June 22, 2022

A Missive from Cannes.

Writing has helped me and pushed my career forward. So far forward that about twice a week or more, someone calls me or sends me a note. They either call me 'the biggest name in advertising,' or 'a legend,' or something else mildly ageist or refractory.

Those epithets may or may not be true. But I think I'm working way too hard. 

It occurred to me just now that wisdom or punditry is as watered-down as the Kool-Aid at a budget summer camp. In fact, I just stumbled upon the wisdom below from a luminary at Cannes.

I realized something looking at that. There are people like myself who write about advertising. We use our writing and our thinking to express complex thoughts.

But why bother? We can just do this:

So, Jeff Eaker, stop working at it. Rich Siegel, stop working at it. Dave Trott, stop working at it. Debra Fried, stop working at it. Bob Hoffman, stop working at it. Dave Dye, stop working at it. John Long, stop working at it.

We're doing it wrong.

We're working too hard.

To rise into the thermosphere or the exosphere of punditry we shouldn't write more, we should write less. Write with less precision, less insight. 

To that end, I hereby present, the deepest thoughts of George Tannenbaum, Creative Personchair.

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