Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Garbage, Xmas-style.

A brief flip through the A-section of The New York Times this morning reveals these Ed-McCabean headlines.

"Let it snow. Let it snap. Let it send." (Sprint.)
"Who said holiday shopping was hard?" (Acura.)
"The hottest gifts. The reliable network." (Verizon.) And since Verizon insists on having about three headlines on a page:
"Give America's most reliable wireless network."
"Winter wonderland." (Links of London.)
"How they accessorize in 7th Heaven." (Harry Winston, and not bad.)
And now my absolute favorite for Macy's:
"Layers are Joyful."

Let's think about that for a minute--Layers are Joyful. Putting on a tee-shirt, then a shirt, then a sweater, then a vest, then a Joseph Abboud jacket is Joyful.

Talk about taking the soul and guts out of a word.

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Tore Claesson said...

it's not the internet that's killing advertising.
Suicide is.