Monday, June 2, 2008

Cause marketing.

People wear elastic wristbands in a variety of colors showing their support of cancer research, or the homeless, or the plight of the polar bear. There is a no-shopping day in London where we are meant to not shop, I suppose to run against the ever-strengthening tsunami of craven consumerism. Every star in Hollywood has a lapel pin or a ribbon on their person to show they care. There are days when you're meant to leave your gigantic SUV at home, switch to compact fluorescent bulbs, where you're told to plant trees, pick up litter, love your neighbor, hug your dog.

It's all well and good. But what does all this do but assuage your conscience? You can still be an asshole and wear a lapel pin.

That's why I'm proposing a day that would have real consequence--that would brook real world improvement for the 28% of the planet's population that lives on a dollar a day. I'm not asking a lot. Just hold your breath for twenty-four hours.

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