Friday, June 20, 2008

The first (and perhaps, last) Ad Aged tagline contest.

It's here. Halavai, it's here.

Enter and win (you must be 18 or older) the Ad Aged agency tagline contest. Come up with the best tagline for an agency and you can win a no-expenses-paid dinner with Geo, your not-so-humble editor.

Here are some examples for a fantasy agency:

Synfatidel. You like it, we love it.
Synfatidel. We used to have that account.
Synfatidel. When you want our opinion, just tell us.
Synfatidel. The modern stone-age agency.
Synfatidel. We've fallen and we can't get up.

Enter early. Enter often.
Winners will be chosen by the whim, caprice and personal predilections of me, by July 1. Winners will be notified by mail. In the event of a tie, there will be a "tag-off."


Kleinroq said...

Synfatidel. We say yes to your maybe.

Tore Claesson said...

Synfatidel. Just undo it.

Laura said...

Synfatidel. How high? We jump.
Synfatidel. Beautifully orchestrated.
Synfatidel. Making what doesn't count
Synfatidel. The right agency. The right teams. The right time.
Synfatidel. You got it.