Monday, June 30, 2008

Conservatives are now pro-choice.

For years, conservatives and reactionaries have been against choice--certainly choice when it comes to abortion rights. Now, however, their policies (and the results of their rule) have, as never before, promoted choice

Thus, more and more people face choices.

Health-care or food. That's your choice.
Rent or gasoline. That's your choice.
Welfare or starvation minimum wage. That's your choice.


Laura said...

On NPR this morning they interviewed a woman who said she needs to choose between paying her mortgage or paying for fuel for her home and car. Her husband just lost his job and is going through a severe depression. Now she is faced with medical costs for him and a lost income. She said she fears that everything will go in the near future. Choices in America.

Anonymous said...

In other words, a woman interviewed on NPR said she never imagined living on one income.

Anonymous said...

In regards to "Health-care or food,"
how does the pending legislation benefit you? It dictates you spend money on health care or pay a penalty. No longer do you have a choice.