Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Three career circles.

Life is simple if you remove everything about it that makes it complicated.

So here's your professional world simplified.

No matter where you work, what your level, what your profession, your job has three aspects. Three circles.

First is that you should never forget that you work for In other words, you must be thinking about your professional development at all times. This is the management of your career, your personal portfolio.

Second is the work you do. If you are a carpenter, it's making a wall-unit or a desk you can be proud of.

Third is that you must be helping to change, modernize or relevant-ize where it is you work. How can you make the place better. Raise its level or ambition. Create the opportunity to build more or better wall-units or desks?

At the best places these circles are in alignment like records stacked on an old turntable. At the very least, these circles must overlap. At bad places, those circles are not concentric at all. Don't be a circle jerk.

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