Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When helicopters hover.

During the Guiliani era in New York, that era of incipient Armageddon, few things were more frightening than when helicopters loomed over head, sitting stationary in the sky, the roar of their rotors serving as a warning, a growl.

These were the inexplicables. Was there a traffic condition? A motorcade? Or a Khassam rocket speeding our way? There were soldiers toting M-16s in the subway, at Columbus Circle, wearing helmets and riot gear, with dogs leashed and straining. And the helicopters hovering.

I bring this up because I always believed that if Republicans really want to win the next election--national, state or local--just send out the copters.

Now this comes across the news desk at Ad Aged's Washington bureau:

The John McCain camp has stolen a page from Der Doktor Goebbel's campaign manual--you know the one where Rosa Luxemburg was found dead in a river and the jews burned down the Reichstag. ie. a huge threat loomed around every corner--support Hitler, the security candidate.

What am I railing about? This: Charlie Black, a senior adviser to Senator John McCain, was quoted in a magazine interview saying that another terrorist attack in the United States would “be a big advantage” for Mr. McCain in the coming election.

Republican politics.

Blow up a Federal building.
Confiscate baby formula at airports.
Terrorize and demonize Islam.
Call Barack, Hussein Osama.

It's coming.

A private army (Blackwater) thrives despite--or because of--their crimes.
We have been made used to having to show our papers.
Soldiers are on the streets.
Helicopters are hovering.

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