Monday, June 23, 2008

Bring me a solid gold platter filled with sauteed hummingbird's tongues.

Ah, the Romans convened in Cannes last week in the form of advertising executives (an oxymoron if I ever heard one.) This week, I believe Cannes is hosting a convention of Studebaker auto-dealers.

Yes, rather than acknowledge and adjust to the changing realities of the marketing world (six-million prime-time viewers lost in just one year--according to Nielsen) agency people from around the world celebrated the Old Order and hoped against hope that 1985 would come back.

I have nothing against a good bacchanal with a side order of orgy thrown in, but while agencies axe and can and "right-size," either de jure or de facto via 4% increases (an Orwellian increase at best--inflation is way over 4%--if you're reality-based that is) it seems profligate at best, fiddling while Rome burns is more like it, to grope and gawk and strut.

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