Friday, October 14, 2011

A day off.

I suppose I inherited my work-aholic intensity from someone. Or, maybe I'm just a true creative and, therefore, so anxious about being discovered as a fraud, that I attempt to compensate for my many failures by working extra hard. Whatever the cause, for about the last two decades of agency life, I've pretty much always been "the first one in and the last one out." Additionally, I've never relied on traffic people or project managers or "producers" (they who don't produce anything) to impel me to do work. I don't need to be reminded, when I have something to do I hie and do it.

Yesterday, my agency send out an invitation to a mandatory offsite event. I maintained that there's no such thing as an invitation to something mandatory. A mandate brings you to a mandatory event. Or an edict. Or an order. An invitation is to something you can decline. It's that simple.

In any event, it all made me fed up. So I decided to take today off. Fuck 'em.

Maybe I'll be fired Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh geo, you finally realize you need to move on. It's taken awhile to get thru all the rationalization but I sense that having to produce a tv campaign you're unsatisfied with after a year of slaving reveals the Terry giiliam brazil- like place you work. Fuck em.