Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lunch in Minneapolis.

I've talked a lot about the overuse, or perversion, of the word experience in "marketing speak." For instance, some call a data-field on a web site "the log in experience."

I think in life experiences--and by that I mean something fun, worthwhile or memorable--are few and far between.

In any event, I had lunch in Minneapolis yesterday with a bunch of colleagues. Someone decided we'd go to a place called "The Great American Burger." Their logo promised "A Burger Experience."

I can't even conceive of what a burger experience might be. Though Philip Roth's Portnoy had an experience with a liver once, if I remember correctly.

In any event, I had a chicken Caesar salad.

It was quite an experience.


dave trott said...

McDonalds wanted to open an outlet in Hampstead (an area full of literary and theatrical types).
The residents were outraged and organised a protest called "Burger Off".

Red Red said...

Next time in Minneapolis, let me know. I'm sure we can do better.