Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Take back the Language.

Generally speaking I despise fashion advertising. It is most often banal, insipid and devoid of anything but sallow looking models with physiques that remind me of survivors of the Bataan Death March. Most often such ads have no story, just emaciated people in "sexy" poses.

For a few weeks now I've noticed the pomposity of Uniqlo ads all over Manhattan. They are expanding like mad, taking over storefronts all over the city. Almost invariably Uniqlo's candle will burn for a few years then they will suffer from over-expansion, contract and then collapse. Like Benetton did. Like the Gap has. etc.

In any event, my dear friend, ex-partner and brilliant photographer Tore Claesson sent me this last night.

A uniqlo ad. Amended.

(I especially love the graffiti at the bottom of the ad, "I heart grammar.")

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Rich Siegel said...

I love the hipster douchebag just below the sign. Full tatted sleeves. Texting on his iPhone. And wearing a hoodie. He's a parody wrapped by a stereotype inside a cliche.