Friday, April 23, 2021

A letter from GeorgeCo., LLC, a Delaware Company.

GeorgeCo., LLC, a Delaware company is proud to revive this great heritage of Artisanal Copysmithing-ing--a unique combination of wordsmithing and wordsmything, that renders all other forms of copywrighting prosaic, if not arcane and obsolete. 

Each single letter, each single serif, each iota of punctuation will be chosen and wrought by hand--as only GeorgeCo. can do, in keeping with the proud craft-profession of copyscaping, of which I am heir.

As a special introductory offer, GeorgeCo., is proud to make an initial public offering of the letter "A," customized to your exact specifications.

1. Do you prefer the top of your A erose or smooth?
2. Customize your A's cross-bar--straight or irregular?
3. The A's "left foot." Asymmetrical or symmetrical?
4. The A's "right foot." Distressed or "placid"?

We can customize your A to any specification or desyre.

In the coming weeks and months, GeorgeCo., LLC,  a Delaware Company will offer the bespokerization additional letters and punctuation marks, including K, ! and B.

Each of these letter-forms will be hand-crafted to your exact demands. Please allow six to twelve weeks for delivery. Slightly longer if you are outside of the Continental United States.

There's so much to consider when committing to the art and artistry of bespoke copy. That is why, at GeorgeCo., LLC, a Delaware Company, we have determined it is more propitious to vend not whole words but particular lettershapes down to the individual serif.

Should you have the desire for a more customized form of customized copy creation, curation and crustacean, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hoping this blog post finds you unwell, I remain remains.

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