Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advertising and plumbers.

Of late I have shot and produced half-a-dozen spots that were approved and are running. Some cosmic particles infected one of the clients involved and now, after all the approvals--including approval by his bosses boss the client decides he wants to change things or at least see alternatives.

"See what you can do for little or no budget," the account people relay to me, drooling out of one corner of their mouths.

I came late to home (or apartment) ownership, so my interactions with burly contractors has been very limited, but I can't even come close to imagining saying to a plumber--two weeks after the job is complete--that I'm unhappy with the job I approved. (I provide no specific reasons for my unhappiness.) And then I bid them to come back to my apartment--for free--and think about what they'd have done differently.

Of all the skills you look for in account people the most over-looked and under-appreciated one is basic dignity. If account people don't have the dignity to say don't treat us like this, all the brilliant contact reports, all the spreadsheets and powerpoints they pixel-push into fruition are worth fuck all.

Dignity. Try it some time.

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