Monday, December 15, 2008

Bettie Page, 1923-2008.

Years ago, I had the best run of my career when I was an ACD on the Gorton's Fish Sticks account. You can read one of my previous posts about working on that business right here:

But given the recent demise of the sultry sex-pot pin-up girl Bettie Page, I thought I'd write today about the Gorton's spot I shot with her.

My partner and I had spent about two weeks trying to beat the Bergman spot--and each time we showed a storyboard to my boss he'd exclaim, "Great Caesar's ghost! Go back to the well, dig deeper. This spot is good. But I'm looking for magic." The magic that had previously earned me and my partner a coveted Bronze Addy (Eastern Region)for the Bergman spot.

Finally, after yet another all-nighter, I think I blurted something like, "Uncovering a better Fish Stick." My partner heard that line and grabbed it like an all-pro line-backer going after a loose pigskin.

"Uncover! This is gold! We uncover, unveil, strip-down a Gorton's fish stick! We show Harriet Housewife that only the finest, meatiest fillets go into every Gorton's stick."

And who better to make that point than the finest, meatiest pin-up girl, Bettie Page?

We whipped out a board, contacted Page herself and the rest was fish stick history.
What a girl! What a catch! And another Addy to boot.

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