Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm no Henry David Thoreau.

Civil Disobedience aside, Thoreau and all that Walden Pond stuff never really resonated with the force that through green fuse drives the flower-urban side of me. And, besides, Thoreau has been somewhat transmuted over the ages as the copper-plate-engraved poster-child of Tree Hugging. And, while I am many things a tree hugger ain't one of them.

That said, there are many times when I feel, when I believe, when the accumulated weight of the bullshit of life makes me feel like the world is too much with us, as Wordsworth wrote. In other words when I wish I could be. Somewhere else.

I came upon this sentence while reading a book this morning:
"If you walk on concrete for too long you start to think like a predator."

Don't know why, but that hit me between the eyes.

Steak for dinner.

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