Monday, January 5, 2009


If I see one more email, blog post, or article that closes with an attempt at wit and then, because their attempt wasn't really that good or the writer is insecure as to the efficacy of his or her attempt, the last sentence is punctuated with this: ;-) I think, if I see one more of these, I will procure a high-powered frisbee, climb a steeple and start chucking.

Look, if you make a joke, proffer a bit of satire, sarcasm or irony, go with it. Have the confidence not to say 'that was a joke, nudge nudge wink wink.'

Oy. [:>(


newfriendjill said...

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people finish sentences with "just kidding."

theschwartex said...

Ah my friend George, this is what living your whole adult life as New Yorker has done to you. Similar to the map depicting a New Yorker's view of the United States, you forget that there does exist a whole "world" between the 2 coasts. As a New Yorker at heart transplanted here to the midwest (much like the way alien nations will dispatch, or have already, an advance team to study our strange culture ), I have discovered that the art of sarcasm and irony is much less refined here. Especially through written communications such as emails and texts. Making it necessary at times to use :-) or "lol" for it is the tool of the midwestern passive-aggressor who will never stab you in the front like a NY-er.

Of course to any mid western friends out there who might be reading this...just kidding.