Thursday, January 22, 2009

A linguistic assault.

In the scheme of things, in an era where our linguistic and semantic bar is set so low a cockroach could limbo beneath it, the current slaughter perpetrated on proper English (or Hanglish as my Yiddish-speaking grandmother would mumble) is indeed minor. Still mangling English "rubs my goat the wrong way."

I sicken when I hear otherwise intelligent people say "close proximity," or "general consensus" or "somewhat unique." So then, I admit my punctiliousness. Forgive me Father for I can speak.

Here's the one I've been hearing since the inauguration. "A new beginning." As opposed to what, an old beginning?

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newfriendjill said...

God, I would be afraid to work for you. I'm "somewhat positive" that my AP skills ain't what they used to be.