Friday, January 9, 2009

Panem et circenses.

That's Latin, you know, for 'bread and circuses,' the un-written Roman policy from 2,000 years ago that if you keep people well-fed and entertained, they won't mind their lack of freedoms.

As "Dubya" gets ready to officially exit (he did spend nearly 500 days on vacation over the last eight years) I cannot help but think that some form of bread and circuses was the policy of his administration. The nightly-excuse-for-news fails to cover either of the two wars we are currently engaged in, not to mention the battles in Sudan, Gaza and Mexico.

We have our imperial banker class. We have our imperial warrior class. We have our imperial political class. We have our imperial entertainer class. These people are above the law. They live in a universe where rules and punishment don't apply.

The rest of us eat our fast-food (panem) and watch our football on Fox (circenses.)

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