Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reading signs.

I arrived at work early this morning--well before anyone else in creative, because I had some stuff to do that demanded a soupcon of solitude. It was dark when I walked into the office. In fact, the only artificial illumination came from the red "EXIT" signs that seem to be placed every ten yards or so down the hallways that gird my floor.

I read, this morning, those signs not as doorway demarcation, I read them as an imperative.

"EXIT," they shout.
"EXIT," they demand.
"EXIT," they cajole.

Yesterday, my friend Tim Brunelle published an article on the Talent Zoo's site called "Your First Portfolio." http://www.talentzoo.com/news.php?articleID=1493 It was written to supply advice and encouragement to young people hoping for careers in the ad industry. And I was quoted.

But here's my point and what I missed until this morning. Always keep your eyes on the EXIT signs. I'm not suggesting you should be a shop-hopper, but remember as you serve an agency, an agency should serve you. Not just a paycheck--but advancement and satisfaction of a less material kind as well. If you aren't getting what you want for you.com and through all your efforts you aren't, get out and find some place better.

In short, keeping your eyes on the EXIT can be keeping your eyes on the prize--your career.

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newfriendjill said...

Exit to where exactly?