Friday, June 19, 2009

The blog-equivalent of an open letter.

Dear GM,

I just read in Advertising Age ( during your bankruptcy you will be spending between $40 to $50 million/month on advertising.

Now, ordinarily I wouldn't care but this is my money your spending. So let me let you in on a little secret. Your advertising will fail to work. No matter how good it is. People aren't interested in your brand and since they can't pick it up and try it, no matter how much better your cars are, you're really just pissing into the wind. You see, nothing matters if you can't get people to come into your dealers and try your product and service. Your commercials and your products aren't making that happen. And haven't for about 40 years.

So if you can't bring people to the products, GM, have the perspicacity to then bring your products to the people.

Rip out the seats in movie theaters and put in seats from your new cars. Bind a piece of leather upholstery into a magazine to let people touch what you make. Give influencers (and I don't mean Tiger and Oprah) free samples.

In other words, DO SOMETHING.

I don't know who said it. Maybe it was my crazy Uncle Seymour. But it works here.

"If all you ever do is all you've ever done
then all you'll ever get is all you ever got."

Which, GM, is scorn.
And bankruptcy.


Tina said...


Anonymous said...

Here is a novel idea GM...
Why dont you take some of that ridiculously stupid ad budget and and instead put that money into LOWERING the price of your cars. You cars arent better or worse than the foreign brands, but maybe you could sell some if you could beat them on price. Its your only hope. As a taxpayer, this is how I would like to see MY money spent.

Laura said...

What a crime spending so much for so little. They should give people a gift for test driving their cars so they actually get into the cars and try them out.

And of course they need to make a better product.

Anonymous said...

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