Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Spot of the Year.

This is from Weiden & Kennedy, London. It seems to me to be a hard-selling spot that is artful, memorable, breakthrough and cool.


Unknown said...

very old fashioned. which is refreshing.

David said...

Ha. Sure, quite charming and straightforward and (relatively) hard selling, but ... two minutes long, George! Easy to digest those commendable points when slathered in a generous dollop or three of breathing space and set up.

It was :23 in before I even knew what the piece was for. "Doers do things." Mmm-kay ...

Not a criticism, per se, just a reality many of us don't enjoy. It doesn't diminish the spot's charm, but it does give it more leeway to shine.

george tannenbaum said...

Completely agree, David. The luxury of time to tell a story shouldn't be over-looked.

But I would venture to say that more advertisers would be doing more effective work if they chose to do one 2:00 rather than 4 x :30.

Commercial time should be mutable. And regardless of length, this spot made be sit up and take notice. I felt gooder about Honda afterward than before and somehow hopeful and empowered.